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Message from the Executive Committee of the Polish American Congress To Presidents of PAC National Member Organizations and State Divisions Concerning PAC Position on TV Trwam

Message from the Executive Committee of the Polish American Congress
To Presidents of PAC National Member Organizations and State Divisions
Concerning PAC Position on TV Trwam

As noted in the Position Statement issued on February 16, the issue of the PAC taking a position concerning TV Trwam’s digital broadcast rights application is both close to the hearts of many and polarizing of our community. The feedback the Executive Committee has received since the statement’s publication bears that out. The comments have expressed both strong support and strong criticism.

While the Executive Committee continues to believe that the position to remain neutral is the correct one for the organization, the Committee is open to revisiting our decision in light of any new information or arguments national member organizations and state divisions wish to present.

The PAC Executive Committee will be meeting in the first half of April to discuss the many issues facing the organization, prominently financial issues, and will also have on the agenda a review of the PAC position concerning TV Trwam.

National Member Organizations and State Divisions, as well as individual Members of the Council of National Directors, wishing to present their views concerning PAC’s position regarding TV Trwam, both in opposition and in support, should do so in writing and forward them by Tuesday, April 3 to PAC Secretary Timothy Kuzma either by e-mail to or by first class mail to:
Mr. Timothy Kuzma
Secretary, Polish American Congress
c/o Polish Falcons of America
381 Mansfield Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15220

In the meantime, we would like to remind State Divisions and National Directors of the provisions of both the PAC By-Laws and the Resolution adopted by the Council of National Directors on May 9, 2008:

Polish American Congress By-Laws, Article VI, Section 6: “A State Division, or any of its subordinates, shall not take a conflicting position concerning policy matters and internal administration established by the either Executive Committee, the National Executive Council, or the Council of National Directors.”

Resolution of PAC Council of National Directors adopted in Phoenix, Arizona, on May 9, 2008:
“The Council of National Directors resolve that any public position that is taken as the official position of
the Polish American Congress that addresses any political aspect of the Republic of Poland, that the following procedures take place:
A. that all such issues be directed to and reviewed by the Polish Agenda committee, (appointed by the Vice President of Polish Affairs);
B. that any National Director may submit an item to the Polish Agenda committee for consideration;
C. that the Committee, shall review such submissions within two weeks, suggesting a public position and,
D. that the submission and accompanying documentation should be forwarded electronically to the executive committee for review;
E. that the executive committee, meet (telephonically) within two weeks to review and discuss the submitted proposal;
F. the executive committee by majority vote, will accept, reject or send the proposal back to the Polish Agenda committee. The Polish Agenda committee will resubmit the proposal within 30 days to the executive committee if further action by the executive committee is needed;
G. If requiring a second review, within thirty days the executive committee will either accept or reject the proposal.
H. Any communication within the purview of this resolution shall have as the first signature that of the President of the Polish American Congress.
I. Further, no individual division, or individual member of the PAC, may publicly issue a statement regarding the Republic of Poland, without following the above procedures. Any statement so issued will be deemed not a position held by the Polish American Congress. Any division issuing an unauthorized public statement, contrary to the spirit of this motion, will be subject to censure.”

While the Polish American Congress believes wholeheartedly in the idea of free speech as the essential foundation of an open and democratic society, the PAC by-laws and rules set forth procedures by which views and differences can be aired. Resolutions from national organizations and state divisions can be presented to the Council of National Directors, to the Executive Committee between Council sessions, or according to other established procedures as set out in the above CND resolution.

The Executive Committee appreciates and gives full review to the views of organizations, divisions, and directors submitted in the prescribed manner. This allows for all views to be taken into account and to settle differences within the Congress itself. Ignoring established procedures and seeking to air these differences in public creates the perception that the Congress is seriously divided and not an effective organization. We are sure this is not what any of us wish to convey.

Again, if your national organization or state division wishes to weigh in on the PAC’s position concerning TV Trwam, pleases send your resolution or views to Secretary Kuzma by April 3.

On behalf of the Executive Committee
Frank J. Spula
President, Polish American Congress
March 21, 2012

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