Protest the Passage of S.447 in the U.S. House of Representatives


Please call your congressmen and senators on April 23 and April 24
to voice your objections and protest the fast track vote to pass S.447.

The voting session is scheduled for Tuesday, April 24 at 6pm EST.

More information from the stopacthr1226 website:

Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House of Representatives, intends to suspend the usual congressional procedures and allow voting not on his own bill H.R.1226, but on the Senate Bill S.447! Voting can take place this Tuesday (April 24, 2018). This vote probably happen under “suspension of the rules”, ie the debate may be limited to 40 minutes and congressmen will not be able to propose any amendments. In order for the Bill to be approved, a 2/3 majority of all votes will be required. To become a law the Bill would also have to be signed by the President of the United States.

KEY ARGUMENTS: Act S.447 is a complex legislation with broad and far-reaching domestic and international ramifications which involve and encroach into multiple areas: national security, national defense, breach of the existing international treaties, undermining of the geopolitical allies, creation of dangerous precedence, and ultimate corruption of the existing legal system. Postpone scheduled vote! Conduct proper hearings!

Message suggested on the national Polish American Congress website:

As a member of the POLISH AMERICAN CONGRESS and constituent of Congressman/ Congresswoman _______________, I request that on April 24 he/she should vote against S. 447, because it is unfair to Poland, an important and dependable NATO ally, which was a victim of Nazi Germany, and not a villain. Moreover, I request a roll call vote on this bill that calls on Poland to pay extravagant compensation for crimes against private property on conquered Polish territory perpetrated by Nazi Germany and the communists during the World War II era. Compensation for these crimes against private property should be paid by Berlin, and Moscow, not by Warsaw. Furthermore, Poland sent a low level delegation to the Prague Conference and never considered herself bound by the Terezin Declaration.

NOTE:The Terezin Declaration is a nonbinding declaration.

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