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Our Polonia | May 2010 (EN)

President’s Message

On behalf of your newly elected officers, I wish to thank you for your support.  Let’s work together to help make PAC~WI an even more effective organization.  Your involvement is crucial in this effort.  Please attend meetings, as well as other events and activities in the Polish community.  The executive officers met on April 6th to focus on the coming year including establishing a budget, setting meeting dates, and discussing ways to spread the good news of the PAC~WI.

Meetings (Please circle your calendar . . . and plan to attend!)

General Membership Meetings will be held at the Polish Center on the following dates:

  • Thursday, June 3rd – 6:00 p.m. (Executive Committee Meeting – 5:00)
  • Saturday, September 18th – 10:00 a.m. (Executive Committee Meeting – 9:00)
  • Saturday, December 4th – 10 a.m. (Executive Committee Meeting – 9:00)

Upcoming SPECIAL Events

Sunday, May 2, we celebrate Polish Constitution Day (May 3rd) with a beautiful and delicious luncheon at the Polish Center.  This annual event is sponsored by the Pulaski Council.  Cocktails begin at 12:30 with the luncheon at 1:30.  Special honoree is Ada Dziewanowska.  Please contact Sharon Haberski for more information including tickets.  Sharon’s phone number is (414) 282-2473.

Friday & Saturday, June 4-5, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Polish Studies Department are hosting “The Polish Institute of Arts & Sciences Conference.”  This is the first time this important meeting of scholars will be held in the Midwest and Milwaukee!  Please be alert to information about this meeting and make plans to attend.  Feel free to contact Don Pienkos at (414) 332-6289 for more information.

Friday-Sunday, June 18-20, Polish Fest (Summerfest Grounds – Milwaukee) takes place with tremendous opportunities to share delicious food, wonderful entertainment, and great fellowship.  Share the pride of our heritage!  Attend Polish Fest!

Edmund Banasikowski

Past PAC~WI President Edmund Banasikowski passed away April 3rd at the age of 96.  Mr. Banasikowski heroically served Poland during WWII fighting for freedom against the Nazis.  Later, as he immigrated to the United States, Mr. Banasikowski lived a long life of service to the Milwaukee Polish community, including seventeen years as President of PAC~WI.  Several PAC~WI members were present at the wake and funeral held on April 7.  A beautiful tribute to his life was published in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel also on that day.

Kościuszko Monument Restoration

In February, PAC~WI pledged $500 to the Kościuszko Monument Restoration project.  We support this effort and encourage others to get involved in this civic project.  Attorney Claude Krawczyk is spearheading this effort.  For more information, please call him at (414) 276-5000.


Work is underway to improve our PAC~WI website.  We want to have an attractive, informative, and up-to-date website for visitors seeking information.  Living in the electronic age, we want to serve as many people as possible, especially those surfing the internet.


A big thank you to all members who have paid their dues for 2010!  If by chance you still have not paid your dues, we gently remind past members to pay their dues.  Individual dues are $25.00.  A check made payable to “PAC~WI” is to be sent to: Luanne Landgraf (Treasurer) 12232 W. Holt Avenue, West Allis, WI  53227.  Many thanks!

Executive Officers

Waldek Biniecki, President
Nina Nowakowski, Woman Vice-President
Tadeusz Cisek, Man Vice-President
Mark Pienkos, Secretary
Luanne Landgraf, Treasurer
Ryszard Zuzanski, Sergeant-At-Arms
Donald Pienkos, National Director PAC
John Pienkos, National Director PAC


Judith Free
Clare Gaouette
Carole Gillette
Sharon Haberski
Jeanette Holmquist
Robert Kaminski
Neal Pease
Hedy Rabiega
Diane Reeve
Ron Witkowiak

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