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2022 PAC-WI State Division Letters to WI Senators and Representatives

Wisconsin State Division of Polish American Congress Sends Letters to WI Senators and Representatives
Seeking Support for Poland, Ukraine and other CEE countries

Alarmed with the rapid escalation of the Ukraine crisis – both in terms of the massive buildup of Russian troops and military equipment along the Ukrainian border and the diplomatic offensive aiming to curtail the operational power of NATO in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) – the Wisconsin Division of Polish American Congress sent letters of concern to Wisconsin senators and members of the congressional delegation. The letters with text provided below went to Ron Johnson and Tammy Baldwin, as well as to congressional representatives including Bryan Steil, Mark Pocan, Ron Kind, Gwen Moore, Scott Fitzgerald, Glenn Grothman, and Mike Gallagher.

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“The members of the Polish American Congress – Wisconsin Division, call out for the American government’s support for the security and freedom of Poland and our eastern European allies, at this time of Russia’s manufactured crisis in the region.

Russia’s continued efforts to suppress and dominate or control Moldova, Georgia, Belarus, and Ukraine’s Crimea and Donbas regions shows their evil intent in once again subjugating former Soviet dominated peoples and lands.

Nothing short of the steely resolve of the United States working with its NATO allies, to support Poland, Ukraine and our eastern European allies, will maintain the freedom and independence of these newly formed democracies, who only want their territorial integrity and sovereignty respected.

During it’s time in NATO, Poland has actively participated in American led peacekeeping missions and stands committed to the defense and security of free and independent member states and their citizens. Wisconsin’s Polish Americans are proud and loyal Americans first and foremost, while mindful of the brutal and too often violent history the people of Poland and eastern Europe have suffered. The importance of Poland’s military vigilance and preparedness has been etched in its people’s minds, just as Pearl Harbor and 9/11 have imprinted on the minds of Americans.

We in Wisconsin’s Polish American community hope you will support the United States’ active engagement in NATO, and other western friendly democracies in eastern Europe.”

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