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Reports of WSIP-2016 recipients







     From reports of the 2016 WSIP recipients
        Wisconsin Study in Poland Scholarship


The program also gave me the exposure of studying in a different country and in a different language and made me realize how great studying abroad actually is even if just for a month. Studying in Poland made me get out of my comfort zone and be fully exposed to a new culture and way of living. This program was one of the best experiences if not the best experience in my life. (Bartłomiej Boryczka)

On the first day of the program, I was very impressed and I learned a lot from the Wisława Szyborska’s secretary professor Michał Rusinek’s speech “Lost in Translation”. It was very interesting and a very good start to the program. I also got to learn and discover the Polish language at a much deeper level and came to realize that ……. Polish is truly one of the hardest languages, however in my opinion also the most beautiful. (Bartłomiej Boryczka)

I made good contacts with my professors there and am grateful for the time they shared with me in and out of the classroom. Their instruction affirmed my passion for the study of Polish culture and history as well as given me new strategies as both an instructor and a student myself. Furthermore, my studies influenced my creative work as they always have. (Peter Burzynski)

I also discovered the magnificent Jagiellonian University. I learned about the history of the university and that UJ is the oldest university in Poland, the second oldest university in Central Europe and one of the oldest universities in the world. (Bartłomiej Boryczka)

I attended an awe-inspiring street performance festival, a Jewish music festival, and spent time in bookstores chatting with local poets and sipping coffee on tables that had original handwritten works by Nobel Laureates Czesław Miłosz and Wisława Szymborska encased within them. This last experience was especially impactful on me since I have long been inspired by the works of both poets. I teach their work every semester and have written about it extensively in my graduate studies. It was truly a pleasure to feel their presence so closely. I also made pilgrimages to their tombs in Kraków in order to pay my respect and perhaps gain insight for my own poetry. (Peter Burzynski)
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